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How to Rent A Car in Funchal - City Guide and Things You Should Know

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Vacations are a must for having a good time with yourself and your family. However, it is essential for you to have a holiday in the best places which are not only eye appealing but also allows you to have a calming and relaxing vacation. If you are also hitting for the same kind of holiday, then nothing can be better than Funchal, one of the best city in Portugal. You can decide for the vacation over this place it is based around the hills, and better known for the harbour, gardens and different architectural art of the city. Well, it is the capital city of the Portugal's Madeira archipelago.

If you are deciding for a trip to this place, then you would have already done the hotels booking; still, it would be convenient for you to have the optimal car rental options which can help you to explore the place entirely by cherishing every place of the city.

Center attraction of the Funchal

The place is perfect for having a chill-out trip as you can explore plenty of options here which are enjoyable and pictorial at the same time. Here we are presenting you the prolonged listing of the attractions of the city that you can consider to visit during your visit.

  1. Levada Walks: this vibrant city is something whose every part is good to be cherished and here is the place from where you can get thrilling views and have good walking time with your loved ones, or you can also consider getting a ride in the car that is more than pleasing and gratifying. Well, it is a narrow human-made irrigation channel, but you can consider a trip to these walks in a perfect car for this you can rent a car and enjoy the way to these levda walks.
  2. Teleférico do Funchal: have you ever dreamt of flying high in the air? Well, in dreams right, but you can surely live your dream in the beautiful city of the Funchal. It is likely to be considered to top attraction of the city. It is specially designed cabins which fly high enabling to you see 360-degree view. From here you can discover the shimmering blue crystalline Atlantic ocean. This cabin glides from the 560 meters above the sea level. It is a must-try thing which allows you to have an enthralling experience.
  3. Jardim Botânico (Botanical Garden): just about few kilometres away from the city you can explore here the most beautiful botanical garden, so here you can get to the place with your optimal car hire services which allows you to cherish the beauty all by yourself. Car renting is an appropriate choice to make during your trip for exploring the appealing eye places of Funchal. The garden is draped over the slopes of Quinta do Bom Sucesso estate. Here you can address dozens and dozens of indigenous plants, trees and flowers which share the same ground. So it is a must-visit place that you can add to your list.

The places, as mentioned earlier, allow you to have the relishing experience in the charismatic city of Portugal.

Popular car rental options in Funchal

It is a good option for you to have car hire services during your trip so that you get to explore more places. As the centre attraction of the vibrant city is distant, it would be convenient for you to have optimal car services. Here are some popular car options according to our personalized experience-

  • Rentalcars
  • Autoeurope
  • Eurocars
  • Kayak
  • Expedia

These are some of the top-rated car rental companies; if you are willing to have quality service at reasonable prices, then rentalcars is the ideal option for you. Well, you can choose to compare the car as mentioned earlier services and select one which is optimal for you.

Driving and difficulty rules in Funchal

The city of Portugal has pretty much straight forwards rules which are easy to perceive. You need to have good knowledge of car driving and enjoy your ride in the vibrant. The steering wheel is on the left side of the car, and you drive in the right lane.

While driving, you need to carry valid documents, need to keep a watch on your speed limit, abide by general rules and regulations of the city. Following up, all the necessary rules can refrain you from the complications and hefty fines.

The bottom line

In this article, we have taken a glance over several centre attraction of the city, Funchal. If you are willing to explore all the places, then hiring a car rental service would be an optimal choice for you to make. We hope you find all the information as mentioned earlier useful and end up enjoying a blissful vacation.

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