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car rental Braga

Braga is a religious center of Portugal and is considered to be one of the oldest cities, so the best way to explore it is by car rental Braga. Hiring a car will provide a lot of freedom to explore the narrow lanes of the city and its neighborhood.

To reach Braga, travelers prefer landing at Porto Airport (OPO), which is about 55 km away. You can take a bus to reach Braga from the airport; however, their frequency is very less. Also, most of the bus providers do not offer their services on weekends. It is better to rent a car in advance so that you do not face any difficulties to reach your destination from the airport.

How To Hire A Car In Braga?

Renting an apt car for your holiday is of utmost importance and the best way to select them is through websites like Auto Jardim. Our website will help you to compare the prices, perks offered, location, insurance, etc. of all rental companies and provide the best deal for you. With a few clicks of the mouse, you will be able to select the perfect car for your holiday.

Famous Car Rental Companies In Braga

Some of the famous car rental Braga companies are mentioned below:

  • Sixt.
  • Rental Cars.
  • Europcar.
  • Carflexi.
  • Expedia.

Top Tips To Rent A Car In Braga

car hire Braga
car hire Braga

Important Documents That Are Required

You can drive the car in Braga with a US driving license. However, it is advisable to get an International Driving Permit to drive without any worries. Some more documents that you would require for car hire Braga Portugal are a valid credit card and passport or any other proof of identity. Remember that the credit card and driving license should be in the same name.

Saving On Car Rental Costs

The best way to save on car rental costs is by booking early. As soon as you plan for your holiday, you should search online through websites like Auto Jardim and finalize an ideal rental car. If you wait for the last minute to book a car then you may not get your preferred car, as all cars get rented out, especially during the peak holiday season.

Things To Validate

Check the exterior and interior of the car properly. Always click pictures and videos of the car at the time of pickup and delivery so that there isn’t any scope for misunderstandings. You should get yourself familiarized with the rented car as well as the road rules of the country. Ensure that you do the paperwork properly. Check if vital things like a spare wheel, tool kit, reflective warning triangle, first aid kit, and reflective danger jacket are already provided with the car as per Portugal road law.

Getting Around Braga

driving and traveling in Braga
driving and traveling in Braga

You can travel via bus, UBER, train, or cab in Braga. However, local transportation like buses and trains will make your vacation restricted as you need to travel as per their timetables. If you keep hiring UBER and cabs then your trip would become an expensive one. In short, you will not find the convenience and contentment that a rented car would provide. By renting a car for your entire trip, you are not only traveling on a budget but also going to have more flexibility.

Popular Places To Visit In Braga And The Best Time To Do It

The best time to visit Braga is in the months of Spring (March to May) and Autumn (September to November). August is the hottest month with heat soaring to 30 degrees Celsius and December is the coldest month wherein the temperatures drop down to a single digit.

Sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Monte

Bom Jesus do Monte is the most famous church in Braga as its 500+ stairs are considered to be the stairways to heaven. Recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, this beautiful monument should be added to your itinerary. The sanctuary is located at the bottom of the hill and you can easily park your rented car over there for free of cost.

Garden Of Santa Barbara

If you enjoy spending your time with nature then you should visit the garden of Santa Barbara. Beautiful colorful flowers and chirping of the birds will certainly make your day a fruitful one. Located close to the 14th-century Archbishop’s Palace, the garden of Santa Barbara is open all through the year and is a perfect spot to relax.

Bom Jesus do Monte

Religious and the most visited place of the city at the high hilltop to the east. Well, if you are a religious person, then this place is a must to visit for you as it carries a prolonged history. In addition, it has been attracting the devotees since the fourteenth century as it is the pilgrimage sanctuary. This beautiful place is adorned by the baroque sculpture providing a zigzag slope that inspires you to climb more. When you are climbing the church stairs, then you can see the fountains that are mainly centered upon the five senses.

Praça da República

The ancient name of this place, according to Braga history, is known as Arcada. This name is driven from the arcaded building on the west of the square in the eighteenth century. This is a must place visit place in the city. It would be convenient for you to take a ride around the town as the center attraction is pretty much big. So for your convenience, it would be best for you to car hire Braga Portugal and enjoy the beauty of the city.

Braga Cathedral

People who are passionate about architecture will find this place a go-to place for themselves. The city's cathedral allows you to experience architectural movement at every bit of it. For the furnishing of the town, the elements of Romanesque, Gothic, Manueline, Renaissance, and Baroque to add different textures of the beauty and make it look even more amazing. According to locals, the place's architecture is something everyone must go through in their life at least once.

Cities Close To Brag

Some more cities that you can cover during your trip to Braga are Oliveira, Ponte, and Brito. Oliveira and Ponte are about 16 km away and Brito is approximately 24 km away. So, you can make the most of your time with a car rental Braga car by visiting these beautiful cities.

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