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Wandering on the west coast of Portugal is full of impressive things to do, and Aveiro is quite a remarkable name to must-visit. It's a city with fishing history, long unspoiled beaches, numerous tourist attractions, multiple canals, and wide roads to drive. Due to all this, Aveiro is also called Portuguese Venice. It is a lot more similar to the Italian city of Venice in terms of layout, and beautiful sunrise and sunsets which can make you prefer visiting this city over others.

In case you ever get an opportunity to visit Aveiro, you should consider going to all the canals, beautiful resorts, and driving on the beautiful roads. One more thing worth mentioning from driving that, an enormous number of car rental companies from Aveiro, let you choose the desired Car, SUV, careers, and much more to enhance the overall experience. If you prefer renting a car, then we think that below mentioned are some of the top five destinations to drive and chill with your friend and family.

Attraction of Aveiro

Aveiro is the second most popular town to visit in Portugal, which gives you an enchanting experience here for sure. For all the people who just booked their tickets and hotel in this town, it is necessary to consider car rental for a better experience. The below mentioned are some of the amazing places that you can visit –

  • Museu de Aveiro

For antique lovers, a visit to the exquisite museum is an excellent experience to have. It represents the beautiful architectural majesty along with the elegant religious arts. You can find it all on the newer upper floor, and all the arts are collected from a wide range of monasteries from the surrounding of Aveiro. You can find primitive patinating that renaissance. Carved stonework is quite stunning and hard to believe that such things are hand-made.

  • Canals

As mentioned, Aveiro had a history of long wide canals that look exquisite, and you can consider visiting this place in a car and then having the whole experience in your car. All these canals are fed by Aveiro’s lagoon. Canals are quite impressive to visit, and there are various reasons. You meet new people by this method; the Helmsman will guide you and tell you more about the places. It is an easy way to learn more about the city, that's why you can prefer this adventure for sure.

  • Moliceiro Tour

Who doesn't love colors when it comes to building, cars, boats, and vintage stuff. Here in Aveiro, local Helmsman will give you a 45-minutes tour of the city by water, and they are doing the whole in colorfully painted boats. According to locals, Moliceiro is from the time when they were used to harvest seaweed in the lagoon. Now, they are giving the best tour of the town, and you will love to learn more about the city by this method.

  • Rossio Area

In the early 20th century, emigrants from Brazil returned to Aveiro, and they built some of the great stylish houses that are giving you some unique things to check out. You can find out the elegant properties to lookout. They have beautiful looking gates and balconies made of wrought iron. Even the little ornamental balconies will enhance the overall experience at the same place. There are so many streets to visit, and each one has a unique design to make you fond of taking pictures and never regretting the tour of Aveiro.

Apart from these places, you can check out Museu Histórico da Vista Alegre, Museu Marítimo de Ílhavo, Praia da Barra Lighthouse, Praia da Barra, Costa Nova, Old Train Station, Forum Aveiro, and Church of São João Evangelista. To check out the city at a slow pace with some peace, you can prefer a bike ride for affordable prices.

Renting Car in Aveiro

Try Aveiro Car Hire Now To Get The Best Price

For all those people who are thinking of visiting Aveiro and prefer a car hire for an enhanced experience, checking out some of the reputed companies will be a better option. The procedure to rent a car in Aveiro is –

  • Visit the online portal of the car rental service that you like.
  • Look after the dates and select the period you will rent a car.
  • Once everything is done, search, and you will find plenty of cars.
  • Check out prices, car condition, how much driven, and then decide.
  • After that, choose to the mean of payment, and everything is done.

You will get an mail and message about booking confirm. You can choose where you want the car. They usually give you limited fuel that can help you drive for fifty miles easily so that you can fuel it up on your own.

Popular Car Rental Options in Aveiro

Plenty of companies are offering car rental, and some are offering a platform where you can compare two service providers. Based on our experience, going with below mentioned five companies would be a great experience –

  • Rentalcars
  • Portugal-auto-rental
  • Avis Aluguer de Carros
  • Hertz, Aluguer de Viaturas
  • Turiscar Rent A Car

You can choose any of the companies from the mentioned one where Rentalcars offer better deals, and you can prefer them without any issue.

Difficulties and Driving Rules in Aveiro

Driving in Aveiro isn't that typical, lot more like the roads of New York, with a little traffic. You have steering on the left side with the right lane driving rule. In the popular tourist places, you can find a little traffic; otherwise, it will be a fun time experience for you.

Rules are very simple and easy to follow in Aveiro. Needless to mention, over speeding, jumping signals, drink drive, and wrong overtaking can get you pulled over. Due to this, you should carry valid id proofs and car papers to avoid any levy any charge.

Bottom Line

I hope, considering the above-mentioned factors, will help you have a beautiful experience, and it will let you drive the roads of Aveiro.

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