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car rent Aveiro

If you want to explore Aveiro; the charming and picturesque fishing town of Portugal to the fullest then you should plan to car rent Aveiro. Popularly known as the “Venice of Portugal”, Aveiro is famous for its beautiful architecture, canals, and the Moliceiros (gondola-like boats). By renting a car, you can not only discover the hidden gems of Aveiro but also visit several nearby scenic areas.

How To Rent A Car In Aveiro?

There are two ways to rent a vehicle for your holiday. Aveiro rent a car can be done by visiting each car rental company’s website separately or comparing the various deals with our Auto Jardim website. The latter is a quick process as you can evaluate the prices, discounts, perks, insurance cover, etc. offered by all car rental companies on a single webpage. This will help you to narrow down the best deal promptly; thus, saving a lot of time that can be spent on creating your itinerary.

Available Car Rental Companies In Aveiro

  • Ecomobile
  • Europacar
  • Avis
  • Guerin Aveiro
  • Iberocar
  • Hertz
  • Turiscar
  • Thrifty
  • Moving rent a car
  • Bee4Drive

Top Tips On Aveiro Car Hire

Book Early

If you are looking for cheap car rentals Aveiro, then you should book a car as soon as you plan for your holiday. Renting the car early will let you avail several discounts; thus, saving your hard-earned money.

Carry Your Documents

Ensure that you carry all documents carefully like International Driving Permit Card, driving license, photo identity card, and credit cards. Remember that the driving license, Driving Permit Card, and credit card should be in the same name.

Follow The Rules

The speed limit for driving within the Aveiro city is 35 mph and for highways is 75 mph. However, the speed limits may vary so you need to follow whatever is mentioned on the road signs at various places. Do not ever drink and drive; because if caught, you would have to pay a hefty fine.  

Check The Vehicle

Always click numerous pictures and make a video of the car at the time of picking and returning. This will ensure that the scratches and dents that were already there are captured in the photos. So, there will not be any misunderstanding at the time of returning the car.


The eligible driving age in Portugal is 18 years but car rental companies prefer giving their cars only to those who are above 21 years. Moreover, if you fall under the age group of 21 to 25 then you will be charged extra as per the rules of rental companies.

Traveling Around Aveiro

traveling in Aveiro
traveling around Aveiro

You can travel around Aveiro in buses, trains, metros, or taxis. However, if your flight is landing in Porto Airport, then remember that there is no direct bus to reach Aveiro. You can take a metro or train, but it is better to rent a car online in advance, so that the vehicle is waiting for you at the airport. Car rent Aveiro will ensure that you reach your destination without any difficulties.

Popular Places To Visit In Aveiro And The Best Time To Do It

The best time to visit Aveiro is during the months of April to September as the weather is warm and pleasant. There is heavy rainfall and snowfall during the winter season (December to February), so it is better to avoid traveling at that time. June to August is the peak summer season when the city is bustling with tourists from all parts of the world.

Aveiro rent a car
Aveiro rent a car

Aveiro Museum

Built in the 15th century, the Aveiro museum is a perfect place to visit if you want to learn more about the history of Portugal. Here you will find a huge collection of paintings, carvings, sculptures, and more. On the ground floor, there is a beautiful Baroque decorated church with ornamental carvings and Portuguese tiles.

Aveiro Lagoon

Located on the Atlantic coast of Portugal, tourists visit the Aveiro lagoon for strolling, shopping, and relishing authentic dishes that are served in the nearby restaurants. You will also come across several Moliceiros, which are traditional boats that sail in the Ria de Aveiro (Aveiro lagoon). At present, these boats are used for recreational purposes for tourists and tickets for them can be booked at the Tourist Office (Turismo).

City Park

Parque da Baixa de Santo António or the City Park is an ideal place for picnicking, sightseeing, relaxing, playing tennis, and jogging. You will come across many people strolling through ancient trees and bridges that are crossing the lake. There is a huge playground for kids to play as well as a terrace bar for relaxation.

Towns Close To Aveiro

cheap car rentals Aveiro
cheap car rentals Aveiro

One of the most popular tourist destinations of Europe; Porto, is about an hour’s drive from Aveiro. Coimbra, the University City of Portugal, will also take an hour in your rented car. If you are comfortable in driving for longer durations then you can even visit Lisbon, which would take about 2.5 hours to reach from Aveiro. If you want to go on a short drive then you can visit Mercado Negro, a trendy place where you can find several restaurants and bars, or drive to beaches like Barra and Costa Nova.

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