Top 25 Best Bars in Madeira 2023

Madeira, an enchanting Portuguese archipelago, offers not only stunning landscapes and tourist attractions but also a vibrant and eclectic nightlife. Discover the top 25 best bars in Madeira and make your trip a memorable one. Consider renting a car to explore these exciting destinations with ease.

No.Bar NamePricing (1-5 Stars)
1Poncha da Serra★★★
2The Ritz★★★★
3Venda Velha★★★
4Barreirinha Bar Café★★★★
5Hole in One★★★
6Revolucion Rock Bar★★★
7Copacabana Garden Bar★★★★
8Taberna Madeira★★★
9Petit Fours Patisserie & Bar★★★★
10Prince Albert Pub★★★
11Pestana CR7 Rooftop Bar★★★★★
13Total Rapture★★★★
14Teatro Metaphora★★★
15The Living Room★★★★
16Molhe Club★★★★
17The Snug Pub★★★
18Uva Wine & Cocktail Bar★★★★★
19Gin & Tonic Club★★★★
20Castelo dos Hamburguers★★★
21FX Bar★★★★
22Bar A Nossa Adega★★★
23Monte Cable Car Rooftop Bar★★★★
24Ilhéu Pub★★★
25Monte Cable Car Rooftop Bar★★★★
Top 25 Best Bars in Madeira pricing

What are the Best Bars in Madeira?

Poncha da Serra

Our Rating

1 6
Poncha da Serra source –

Located in Serra d'Agua, Poncha da Serra is famous for its traditional Poncha, a delightful Madeiran cocktail. The rustic atmosphere and live music make it a must-visit.

Poncha da Serra Location

The Ritz

Our Rating

2 7
The Ritz – source –

Situated in the heart of Funchal, The Ritz is a classic Madeiran bar offering a wide selection of drinks, delightful appetizers, and live entertainment.

The Ritz Video

The Ritz Madeira
The Ritz Video

The Ritz Location

Venda Velha

Our Rating

3 9
Venda Velha source –

A traditional bar in Funchal, Venda Velha is the perfect spot to taste authentic Poncha and enjoy the welcoming atmosphere.

Venda Velha Video

Bar Venda Velha - Old Town - Funchal - Madeira - Portugal
Venda Velha Video

Venda Velha Location

Barreirinha Bar Café

Our Rating

4 6
Barreirinha Bar Café – source –

Located near the best hotels in Madeira, Barreirinha Bar Café offers breathtaking ocean views, delicious drinks, and an upbeat vibe.

Barreirinha Bar Café Video

Madeira, Portugal - Barreirinha Bar
Barreirinha Bar Café Video

Barreirinha Bar Café Location

Hole in One

Our Rating

5 6
Hole in One

A popular sports bar in Funchal, Hole in One is the ideal place to watch your favorite games while sipping on a cold beer.

Hole in One Video

HOLE IN ONE Irish Pub - Funchal - Madeira
Hole in One Video

Hole in One Video Location

Revolucion Rock Bar

Our Rating

This lively rock bar in Funchal offers live music, an extensive drinks menu, and a fantastic atmosphere for rock enthusiasts.

Revolucion Rock Bar Video

Revolucion Bar - Old Town - Funchal - Madeira - Portugal
Revolucion Rock Bar Video

Revolucion Rock Bar Location

Copacabana Garden Bar

Our Rating

7 7
Copacabana Garden Bar – source –

Nestled within the best all-inclusive resorts in Portugal, Copacabana Garden Bar offers a relaxing ambiance, refreshing cocktails, and live music.

Copacabana Garden Bar Video

Copacabana & Garden Lounge Bar - Casino da Madeira - Funchal - Madeira - Portugal
Copacabana Garden Bar Video

Copacabana Garden Bar Location

Taberna Madeira

Our Rating

8 6
Taberna Madeira – source –

Located in Funchal, Taberna Madeira is a charming bar offering traditional Madeiran food, local drinks, and live music.

Taberna Madeira Video

Taberna Madeira - Restaurante - Old Town - Funchal - Madeira
Taberna Madeira Video

Taberna Madeira Location

Petit Fours Patisserie & Bar

Our Rating

9 7
Petit Fours Patisserie & Bar – source –

A delightful patisserie and bar in Funchal, Petit Fours offers a range of delicious pastries, wines, and cocktails.

Petit Fours Patisserie & Bar Location

Prince Albert Pub

Our Rating

10 7
Prince Albert Pub source –

This authentic British pub in Funchal boasts a wide range of beers, a welcoming atmosphere, and live sports screenings.

Prince Albert Pub Video

Prince Albert Pub Video

Prince Albert Pub Location

Pestana CR7 Rooftop Bar

Our Rating

11 9
Pestana CR7 Rooftop Bar source –

Situated atop the Pestana CR7 Hotel, this rooftop bar offers stunning views, innovative cocktails, and a stylish setting.

Pestana CR7 Rooftop Bar Video

Madeira - Hotel Pestana CR7 Funchal
Pestana CR7 Rooftop Bar Video

Pestana CR7 Rooftop Bar Location


Our Rating

12 7
Maktub source –

Located in Paúl do Mar, Maktub is a laid-back bar with a surfer vibe, making it the perfect spot to unwind after a day at the best surf spots in Portugal.

Maktub Video

bar maktub
Maktub Video

Maktub Location

Total Rapture

Our Rating

13 6
Total Rapture

This Funchal-based bar is known for its energetic atmosphere, great music, and unique cocktails.

Total Rapture Location

Teatro Metaphora

Our Rating

14 5
Teatro Metaphora

A cultural hotspot in Câmara de Lobos, Teatro Metaphora offers live performances, art exhibitions, and a cozy bar to enjoy a drink.

Teatro Metaphora Location

The Living Room

Our Rating

15 6
The Living Room source –

An elegant bar in Funchal, The Living Room is perfect for a quiet evening with its extensive wine list and refined atmosphere.

The Living Room Location

Molhe Club

Our Rating

16 7
Molhe Club source –

A trendy beach club in Funchal, Molhe Club features live music, DJ sets, and stunning ocean views.

Molhe Club Location

The Snug Pub

Our Rating

17 6
17 6

This cozy British pub in Funchal offers a warm atmosphere, a wide selection of beers, and tasty pub grub, making it a perfect spot for a relaxed evening.

The Snug Pub Video

The Snug Pub (BarShed)
The Snug Pub Video

The Snug Pub Location

Uva Wine & Cocktail Bar

Our Rating

18 6
Uva Wine & Cocktail Bar source –

Located within the luxurious Vine Hotel, Uva Wine & Cocktail Bar offers an extensive wine list, creative cocktails, and stunning views of Funchal's harbor.

Uva Wine & Cocktail Bar

Gin & Tonic Club

Our Rating

19 7
Gin & Tonic Club source –

A trendy bar in Funchal, Gin & Tonic Club is the perfect destination for gin lovers, with a wide variety of gins and inventive cocktails.

Gin & Tonic Club Location

Castelo dos Hamburguers

Our Rating

20 4
Castelo dos Hamburguers source –

This unique bar and restaurant in Funchal combines mouth-watering burgers with a medieval castle theme, making it a fun and memorable dining experience.

Castelo dos Hamburguers Location

FX Bar

Our Rating

21 5

Situated in the heart of Funchal, FX Bar is a popular choice for a fun night out, offering live music, DJ sets, and a vibrant atmosphere.

FX Bar Location

Bar A Nossa Adega

Our Rating

22 4
Bar A Nossa Adega

Located in Ribeira Brava, Bar A Nossa Adega is a charming bar offering traditional Madeiran drinks and a warm, welcoming environment.

Bar A Nossa Adega Location

Monte Cable Car Rooftop Bar

Our Rating

23 7
Monte Cable Car Rooftop Bar source –

Take a break from exploring Madeira's stunning landscapes at this rooftop bar, featuring breathtaking views, refreshing cocktails, and a relaxed atmosphere.

Monte Cable Car Rooftop Bar Video


Monte Cable Car Rooftop Bar Location

Ilhéu Pub

Our Rating

24 4
Ilhéu Pub source –

This cozy pub in Caniçal offers a wide range of beers, friendly service, and live music, making it a perfect spot to unwind after a day of sightseeing.

Ilhéu Pub Location

No trip to Madeira is complete without visiting these top 25 bars. To ensure you make the most of your time on the island, consider renting a car to explore the island with ease. Be sure to also check out the top 50 best restaurants in Madeira for an unforgettable dining experience.

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