Azores scenic routes

Azores’ Breathtaking Drives

The Azores, a collection of nine volcanic islands in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, offers some of the most picturesque landscapes and roads in Europe. Embarking on the Azores scenic routes is an experience you won't easily forget, as each turn and bend unveils nature's marvelous creations.

Azores scenic routes 2
Azores scenic routes

1. Embarking on the Journey: Essential Tips

While many travel options exist for exploring the Azores, renting a car remains the most versatile choice. This allows you to navigate the islands at your own pace, stopping whenever a view beckons or a beach calls. Opt for a reliable car hire service for a smooth journey.

2. São Miguel Island: The Green Route

São Miguel, the largest island in the Azores, is often referred to as the “Green Island.” The roads wind through lush green pastures, dense forests, and past geothermal springs. Don't forget to drive to the Sete Cidades, where you'll be rewarded with views of twin lakes – one green and one blue.

3. Faial Island: The Volcanic Adventure

Faial offers a unique blend of volcanic landscapes and stunning coastal views. Start your journey at Horta and drive towards the Capelinhos Volcano. Along the way, you'll encounter reminders of the island's rich maritime history.

4. Terceira Island: Coastal and Cultural Delights

Terceira is an island that combines natural beauty with cultural richness. The island's coastline is dotted with sandy beaches and dramatic cliffs. Explore Angra do Heroísmo, a UNESCO World Heritage city, and enjoy its blend of history and charm. While you're at it, considering renting from known local car hire stations can add convenience to your trip.

5. Pico Island: The Mountainous Drive

Pico is home to Portugal's highest mountain, and the drive here offers unparalleled views of both the mountain and the surrounding ocean. The vineyards here, set against the backdrop of volcanic rock, are a sight to behold.

6. Flores and Corvo: The Remote Beauties

Flores, with its cascading waterfalls and beautiful lagoons, provides a feast for the eyes. Corvo, the smallest island, is a single volcanic crater and offers a rustic experience. Both islands are less frequented, making them perfect for those seeking solitude.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to explore the Azores scenic routes?

Renting a car is the most versatile choice as it allows you to explore the islands at your own pace, stopping whenever a view or location interests you.

Which Azores island offers the most picturesque drive?

While each island has its unique charm, São Miguel, often referred to as the “Green Island,” boasts lush landscapes and the famous twin lakes of Sete Cidades.

Are there car rental services available on all the islands?

Yes, most of the main islands in the Azores have car rental services available, ensuring convenience for visitors.

Is it safe to drive in the Azores?

Absolutely! The roads in the Azores are well-maintained, but as with any scenic drive, it's essential to remain cautious, especially on winding roads and during adverse weather conditions.

Do I need a special permit to drive in the Azores?

If you have a valid driver's license from an EU country, you can drive in the Azores. For non-EU visitors, an International Driving Permit alongside their original driver's license is recommended.


The Azores scenic routes offer a unique combination of nature, history, and culture. Whether you're driving through the dense forests of São Miguel, exploring the volcanic wonders of Faial, or relishing the remote beauty of Flores and Corvo, the Azores promises an unforgettable driving experience. Ensure to capture these memories but drive safely, and always opt for trusted car rental agencies for the best experience.

So, pack your bags, rent a car, and let the Azores' roads take you on the journey of a lifetime!

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