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Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and is popular for its golden beaches and beautiful greenery. Millions of travelers visit Tenerife from various parts of the world as its climate is perfect all-year-round.

Tenerife had been on my bucket list for a long time, so finally I booked my tickets to explore this gorgeous island and relish some amazing Spanish food. After doing some quick research online, I realized that the best way to discover Tenerife is by renting a car.

cicar car rental in Tenerife
cicar car rental in Tenerife

Finding cheap Tenerife car hire took some time but I finally succeeded in making my trip a budget-friendly one. So, if you too are planning for a trip to Tenerife, then check out this article on how to get cheap car hire Tenerife!

Why should you hire a car in Tenerife?

Tenerife is a small island and the most-convenient and quick way to travel from one place to another is by hiring a car. The mesmerizing places like Mount Teide National Park, Masca, and Bodegas Frontos can be best explored by driving in a rented car. Throughout my way, I was simply in awe of the breathtaking views of the island as well as the water.

You will find a lot of free-parking space on the roads so parking your car and exploring the island is very easy. It is advisable to read and follow the signposts so that your vehicle doesn’t get towed. Moreover, there are some commercial centers that offer underground parking, so you can avail their facilities.

driving in Tenerife
driving in Tenerife

Traveling from Tenerife Island to the mainland is easy as there are ferry services available. From Santa Cruz de Tenerife you can take a ferry to reach Huelva or Cadiz. You can even transfer your car from Tenerife to mainland Spain by ferry. Depending on the vehicle that you have hired, you need to pay transfer fees. Taking your rented car to Spain is the most convenient way to explore the hidden gems of Spain at your pace.

How to book a cheap car rental Tenerife?

On my trip to Tenerife, I realized that there were many cars for hire in Tenerife TFS as well such companies like Hertz, KeynGo, Budget, Thrifty Car Rental, and more.

car rental in South Tenerife airport
car rental in South Tenerife airport

However, I was traveling on a budget and while browsing for cheap car hire in Tenerife, I came across Cicar which you can find directly in Tenerife or going through Discover Cars and booking it there. You can be assured that you will have a hassle-free experience in renting a car.

Following this link, I could easily compare car rental deals at Tenerife, choose the best car, compare fuel policies, insurance, and much more from hundreds of providers. Searching on their car rental portal was quick and easy! Depending on your requirements, you can car hire Tenerife for a one-way trip, pick and drop, or for your entire holiday. Moreover, they had even provided free cancellation services so I could book without any worries.

Believe me; if you too are looking for cheap car rental Tenerife then you should give Cicar a try! They provide new cars at an all-inclusive charge and you can select the pickup and drop off point as per your convenience.  I had booked a car from Cicar and they brought it to my hotel which was a seamless journey. Impressed by their services, I would rent a car through Cicar again in the future.

seat arona in Tenerife from Cicar
Seat Arona in Tenerife

For a brand new Seat Arona automatic with Adaptive Cruise Control I paid just 150 Eur with ALL inclusive insurance, two baby seats, and for 6 days!

Tips to keep in mind while hiring a car and driving in Tenerife

  • There is a lot of mountainous terrain in Tenerife, so choose a car that would be easier for you to drive on narrow and winding roads.
winding roads in Tenerife Masca
Windy roads in Tenerife
  • Make sure that you ask in advance regarding traveling by your rented car to another country. To reach mainland Spain, I took the ferry service that easily transports the car from the island to another country.
  • The gas stations are available only on the South-Western coast, so ensure that you fill up your car before starting with your long drives.
  • To get superb deals on car-rental, you should always compare prices and book your car in advance using this Auto Jardim link.
  • You need to drive on the right side of the road and each passenger has to wear a seatbelt. Make sure that you follow the speed-limits and do not use any electronic devices while driving.
  • If you fall in the age group of 21 to 25 years then you will be charged an extra rental fee and there might be a limit on the type of vehicle that you can rent.   

Tips for traveling to Tenerife with children

traveling with children, baby or toddler in Tenerife
Traveling with children in Tenerife

The rules regarding car seats for children are the same across Spain. If you are traveling with a baby less than 15 months old then you will require a car seat. Ensure that you place the car seat in such a way that it is facing the rear. Children less than four years old would also require a car seat. However, their car seat can face the front of the vehicle too. Kids up to the age of six have to travel in a booster seat and up to the age of 12 would require a booster cushion for traveling by rented car in Tenerife.


If you are planning not just a beach relax holiday in Tenerife, but also want to explore various nearby remote areas then you should hire a car. No doubt about the fact that there is local conveyance available in Tenerife but the vehicles ply only in popular tourist areas and within a fixed zone. You may take a taxi but I found it to be quite expensive. To explore the remotest areas, it is advisable to hire a car in Tenerife. 

So, are you ready to visit the not-so-explored areas of Tenerife? Pack your bags, browse for the best car rental Tenerife using Auto Jardim given links, select your traveling dates, and pick the best option.

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