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Costa Adeje is a coastal part of Adeje town that is located on the island of Tenerife, Spain, and is one of the most attractive traveling destinations of Canary Islands for beach lovers. Travelers who want to enjoy the spectacular golden seashores and beachside eateries prefer visiting Costa Adeje. 

Moreover, it is also considered to be the best place for stargazing in Europe. May to September is a good time to visit Costa Adeje as the weather is warm and pleasant to enjoy the beaches and participate in various water sports. 

Other than the innumerable amazing beaches, you can visit the Siam Water Park for experiencing numerous water rides to which you can actually go by foot from Costa Adeje to save up on parking there.

While browsing online, you will find that the most convenient way to travel from Costa Adeje to other places is by renting a car. Hence, at the time of booking my accommodation, I also booked a car from Cicar which was delivered straight to my hotel in Costa Adeje so that I could enjoy my holiday to the fullest. 

If you too are planning for a holiday to Tenerife and want to book a cheap car hire in Costa Adeje then you should read this article till the end. 

Why should you hire a car in Costa Adeje?

renting a car in Costa Adeje
Rent a car in Costa Adeje

There are several beautiful beaches to explore in Costa Adeje and the best way to visit each of them is by driving a rented car. Another option is to walk to all beaches which is possible, but doing it every day can get tiring. So, if you are short of time and want to cover many areas quickly then hiring a car in Costa Adeje would be the perfect decision. 

Renting a car would let you explore many remote areas at your pace and convenience; thereby, making your trip an unforgettable one. Depending on the weather conditions, you can adjust your itinerary as per your choice. 

How to hire a cheap car in Costa Adeje?

Hiring a car in Costa Adeje is cheap; yes, you read it right! However, you need to do a bit of research to find inexpensive car rental providers. When I was browsing for cheap car hire in Costa Adeje for my trip, I came across a company called Cicar, which gave me the cheapest and most reliable option. You can book directly from their website, but what I would suggest is doing it through this link, I could easily compare the prices of various car rental providers and choose the best one for myself. 

While searching for car rental Costa Adeje using the given Auto Jardim link you will find a comparison chart of all car rental providers. Each and every aspect like pricing, fuel charges, type of car, insurance, hidden charges, etc. was mentioned so that I could rent the best car for my holiday.  

Is fuel expensive in Costa Adeje?

If you are concerned about the fuel being expensive then let me tell you that if we compare the fuel prices of Tenerife to mainland Spain and other areas of Europe then fuel in Tenerife is much cheaper. So, traveling in a rented car in Costa Adeje will definitely fall into your budget. Also there are many petrol stations available, so no stress in that as well!

Is car parking easily available in Costa Adeje? 

There are several free parking areas available across the island; however, depending on your time of travel, these areas may get filled up quickly. In addition, it is difficult to get parking space in tourist areas like a beach or a market. 

I would advise you to book accommodation that will provide car parking space at night. This would help in solving a major part of your car parking issues. While parking on the roads, you need to keep in mind the following tips.

  • If the area is marked with white lines then it denotes that parking is free.
  • If there are yellow lines drawn in a particular area then that means you cannot park your vehicle over there. 
  • Blue lines marked in an area denote that it is a paid parking space so if you park your car there then be ready to pay a parking fee through the nearby parking meter. 

Is driving easy in Costa Adeje? 

Driving in your rented car in Costa Adeje can be challenging for some as the roads leading to various tourist attractions are narrow and winding. However, to experience the real beauty of Costa Adeje and its adjacent areas, it is vital to drive on these routes. Some roads may involve steep ascents and descents as it has mountainous terrain but they also offer stunning views.  Overall the roads are in a very good condition and drivers are relaxed, so you'll have no problem in whole Tenerife!

driving in Tenerife
driving in Tenerife

Mentioned below are some of the destinations that you should not miss during your trip to Tenerife

  • Mesmerizing beaches like Las Americas Beach and Torviscas Beach. 
  • Theme Parks like Siam Park and Aqualand Aquapark.
  • Nature lovers should visit Mount Teide national park.
  • For the most unique driving experience, beautiful views and beautiful scenery – Masca village.


Finally I would like to conclude that if you are planning for a holiday to Tenerife then you should add Costa Adeje to your itinerary or even better book your hotel there. The stunning beaches and mesmerizing scenic views will surely make your Spain trip a memorable one.

Not to forget; the most convenient and pocket-friendly way to explore the entire area is by renting a car in Costa Adeje through Auto Jardim. So, plan your holiday, pack your bags and have a wonderful holiday! 

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