Top 25 Best Internet Providers in Portugal

Top 18 Best Internet Providers in Portugal – Up To Date 2024

As one of Europe's most popular tourist destinations, Portugal offers visitors and residents a vibrant mix of historical sites, beautiful beaches, and a lively culinary scene. To make the most of your time in this beautiful country, it's essential to have reliable internet access.

Here, we've compiled a list of the top 18 best internet providers in Portugal to help you stay connected during your visit. However it doesn't matter which provider you use, the safest way is also to have a working VPN for your own safety and privacy. My recommendation would be to go with NordVPN, I am using it myself in every country I travel to.


Internet provider in Portugal speed and type

ProviderMaximum MbpsType
NOWO200Cable, Fiber-optic
Cabovisão400Cable, Fiber-optic
PT Empresas1000Fiber-optic
Kanguru150Mobile (4G)
UZO150Mobile (4G)
Zon400Cable, Fiber-optic
Lycamobile150Mobile (4G)
CVT Comunicações1000Fiber-optic
Pluricanal400Cable, Fiber-optic
TVTEL400Cable, Fiber-optic
Netcabo500Cable, Fiber-optic
internet provider in Portugal speed and type

However most of them still works slowly sometimes, especially when you have a bigger home, or the router is somewhere hidden. In that case you can always use a Wifi extender repeater which works very well!

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Top 18 best internet providers in Portugal

Please note that the above table provides a general overview of each provider's maximum Mbps and type of service. The actual speeds and service types may vary depending on your location and the specific package you choose. It's essential to check the provider's website for the most accurate information on speeds and service types available in your area.


1 1
meo – source –

Our rating

MEO stands proudly as Portugal's premier telecommunications giant, renowned for its exceptional services encompassing lightning-fast fiber-optic internet, cutting-edge mobile connectivity, and television packages. MEO's expansive coverage blankets the nation, ensuring a seamless and dependable internet experience through every corner of the country. As you embark on your digital journey, rest assured that MEO's unwavering commitment to quality and innovation will keep you connected.

MEO video review

MEO video

MEO location


2 1
NOS – source –

Our rating

NOS emerges as a favored and widely sought-after option for internet services in Portugal, offering a diverse array of packages meticulously designed to address a spectrum of individual requirements. With NOS, your connectivity needs are not only met but elevated to a level of reliability and convenience that resonates perfectly with the distinctive flavors of these vibrant destinations. Their coverage is widespread, including popular tourist destinations such as Albufeira and Cascais.

NOS Video Review


NOS Location


3 6
Vodafone – source –

Our rating

Standing as an international telecommunications behemoth, Vodafone beckons with its exceptional internet services across the expanse of Portugal. Leveraging a state-of-the-art fiber-optic network, you're not just accessing the internet; you're embarking on a digital journey that seamlessly connects you to the heart of these captivating destinations. Their fiber-optic network extends to many locations, including Coimbra and Aveiro.

Vodafone Video Review

Vodafone Video

Vodafone Location


NOWO – source –

Our rating

Among the ranks of Portuguese internet providers, NOWO shines as a compact yet formidable contender, with a range of competitive packages that are reliable and dependable. Despite its size, NOWO's offerings resonate with excellence, catering to diverse needs while upholding unwavering service standards. In the realm of internet service, NOWO stands tall as a testament to the quality, proving that size is no hindrance when it comes to delivering seamless connectivity and technological excellence.

NOWO Video Review

NOWO Video Review

NOWO Location


Cabovisão – source –

Our rating

Cabovisão stands as a significant player in the telecommunications arena of Portugal, curating cable and fiber-optic internet services. The company's commitment to customer contentment takes center stage as Cabovisão strives to elevate the online experience. Catering to the needs of both residential and business sectors, Cabovisão has meticulously crafted a versatile selection of internet packages designed to seamlessly align with the varied demands of its users.

Cabovisão Location

PT Empresas

Our rating

6 4
PT Empresas source –

PT Empresas has carved a niche in delivering tailored telecommunications solutions exclusively crafted for businesses within Portugal. With an acute understanding of the unique demands of corporate entities, PT Empresas provides a holistic spectrum of services encompassing high-speed fiber-optic internet, mobile connectivity, and dependable landline solutions. This comprehensive suite of offerings positions PT Empresas as an impeccable partner for enterprises seeking unwavering and top-notch connectivity to fuel their operations.


Our rating

7 4
Telepac source –

Telepac stands as a prominent player in the realm of Portuguese internet service providers, specializing in delivering cutting-edge fiber-optic internet connections. The hallmark of Telepac's offerings lies in its diverse array of curated packages. This approach underscores Telepac's commitment to ensuring that each user is presented with a personalized and high-quality internet experience that seamlessly aligns with their needs. With a keen focus on elevating the internet landscape for residential customers, Telepac's innovative fiber-optic solutions emerge as a testament to its dedication to delivering seamless connectivity that enhances the digital lives of its users.


5 3
Sapo – source –

Our rating

Sapo stands as a prominent provider of advanced internet services in Portugal. Sapo takes pride in its provision of state-of-the-art fiber-optic connections that ensure seamless connectivity and high-speed data transmission. The hallmark of Sapo's services lies in its diverse portfolio of meticulous packages aimed at catering to a spectrum of requirements. This diversity empowers users to select an internet solution that impeccably aligns with their unique needs, facilitating a superior online experience. 

Sapo Video Review

Sapo Video Review

Sapo Location


Our rating

Kanguru – source –

Kanguru stands as a prominent player in mobile broadband provision within Portugal. This company extends 4G internet services to its clientele, liberating them from the constraints of fixed-line connections. Kanguru lies particularly among individuals seeking seamless online connectivity while on the move or in regions where conventional fiber-optic or cable alternatives remain elusive. This makes Kanguru an invaluable lifeline for those yearning for high-speed digital access in places where connections fall short.

Kanguru Video Review

Kanguru Video Review

Kanguru Location


Our rating

8 3
Oni – source –

Oni stands out as a prominent telecommunications entity, dedicated to furnishing both residential and business patrons with top-tier internet connectivity. Showcasing an array of crafted service packages, Oni places a steadfast emphasis on superior customer satisfaction through its support system. , Oni emerges as an exceptional preference for individuals and enterprises in pursuit of unwavering and dependable internet provisions.

Oni Video Review

Oni Video Review

Oni Location


Our rating

9 4
UZO – source –

UZO specializes in the provision of 4G internet services. Positioned as a straightforward and minimalist service provider, UZO has garnered popularity among a broad spectrum of consumers seeking budget-friendly internet connectivity. What sets UZO apart is its appeal to those desiring economical access to the digital landscape, without entangling in lengthy commitments. This unique offering caters to those who prioritize flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

UZO Video Review

UZO Video Review

UZO Location


Our rating

Optimus – source –

Once a standalone telecommunications entity, Optimus has now become an integral part of the NOS group. In its prime, Optimus positioned itself as a provider of not only high-speed fiber-optic internet services but also a suite of mobile offerings. While the Optimus brand no longer functions as an independent entity, its legacy endures through the assimilation of its services into the broader range of solutions provided by NOS. This strategic integration ensures that the quality and scope of services, delivering a seamless continuity of advanced telecommunications provisions to consumers across Portugal.

Optimus Location


Our rating

11 5
Lycamobile – source –

Lycamobile extends its footprint to Portugal by providing cutting-edge 4G internet services. Positioned as an emblem of accessible communication solutions, Lycamobile's allure lies in its emphasis on offering cost-effective avenues for both international calling and mobile internet services. These offerings make Lycamobile a favored option not only among native residents but also among the transient community of tourists.

Lycamobile Location

CVT Comunicações

Our rating

Screenshot 4
CVT Comunicações

CVT Comunicações is distinguished by its specialization in delivering top-tier high-speed fiber-optic internet services. At the core of CVT Comunicações' mission lies a commitment to excellence, with a primary focus on ensuring impeccable quality and unwavering customer support. This orientation is orchestrated to bestow its clientele with an internet experience marked by dependability, seamless connectivity, and steadfast assistance.

CVT Comunicações Location


Our rating

Screenshot 5
Pluricall – source –

Pluricanal operates within Portugal, specializing in extending cable and fiber-optic internet services. The company's hallmark lies in its packages, curated to address an array of distinct requirements. Pluricanal is steadfast in its ambition to furnish its clientele with an internet encounter characterized by dependability and quality. Pluricanal's approach is its commitment to tailoring solutions that accommodate varying demands, ensuring that each customer finds an optimal fit for their connectivity needs

Pluricall Location


Our rating

TVTEL – source –

TVTEL is a Portuguese telecommunications company that provides cable and fiber-optic internet services to residential and business clients. With a focus on customer satisfaction, TVTEL offers various internet packages to meet the diverse needs of its clients.

TVTEL Video Review

TVTEL Video Review

TVTEL Location


Our rating

Netcabo – source –

Netcabo is an internet service provider in Portugal, offering cable and fiber-optic connections for both residential and business customers. With a range of packages available, Netcabo ensures users can find the right solution for their specific need

Netcabo Location


Our rating

25 3
Televoz source –

Televoz operates as a telecommunications entity situated within Portugal, specializing in delivering advanced high-speed fiber-optic internet solutions. Anchored by a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, the company distinguishes itself by offering an array of meticulously designed service packages, thoughtfully customized to cater to a diverse spectrum of requirements. Televoz emerges as a stellar option for individuals and enterprises in pursuit of steadfast and dependable internet provisions, whether it's for the comfort of their homes or the operational demands of their businesses.

Televoz internet portugal

Frequently Asked Questions

Which internet providers offer the fastest speeds in Portugal?

MEO, NOS, Vodafone, PT Empresas, Oni, and Televoz are some of the providers offering high-speed fiber-optic internet services with speeds up to 1000 Mbps. However, the actual speeds you receive may vary depending on your location and the specific package you choose.

Are there any mobile internet providers available in Portugal?

Yes, mobile internet providers like Kanguru, UZO, and Lycamobile offer 4G internet services in Portugal. These providers are suitable for those who require internet on-the-go or live in areas without access to fiber-optic or cable services.

Can I find affordable internet packages in Portugal?

Yes, many internet providers in Portugal offer a range of packages at different price points to cater to various budgets. Providers like UZO and Lycamobile are known for their affordable mobile internet options, while other providers may have budget-friendly plans for cable and fiber-optic services.

How can I determine the best internet provider for my needs?

To find the best internet provider for your needs, consider factors such as the type of connection (fiber-optic, cable, or mobile), speed requirements, budget, and the provider's coverage in your area. Research each provider's offerings, read reviews, and compare packages before making a decision.

Are there any internet providers that cater specifically to businesses in Portugal?

Yes, PT Empresas is a provider that focuses on providing telecommunications services tailored for businesses in Portugal. They offer high-speed fiber-optic internet, as well as mobile and landline services. Other providers like Oni and Televoz may also have packages suitable for businesses.


In conclusion, the variety of internet providers in Portugal ensures that customers can find a suitable option based on their location, budget, and specific requirements. Whether you need high-speed fiber-optic connections, mobile broadband, or cable internet services, there is a provider in Portugal that can meet your needs. Remember to research each provider's offerings and coverage before making a decision to ensure the best possible internet experience during your time in the country.

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