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How To Rent A Car In Viana Do Castelo - Make Your Trip Easy and Cheap

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Do you also have the desire to explore the world? If yes, then you can get started with Portugal. One of the most aesthetic and alluring places all around the world when talking specifically about the beaches. Portugal is well known for the unspoiled beaches and cathedral churches that hold a vast history of Portuguese emperors.

If you are considering to visit Portugal, then Viana Do Castelo would be a decent choice to get started with. An individual can encounter several relishing experiences over here, but you would require to have the convenient car rental services that would provide easy access to several places.

Top places to visit in Viana Do Castelo

Portugal has been famous for the beaches and cathedral churches for ages, but that's not it. The tourists can explore several places in Viana Do Castelo, and they can encounter relishing experience by visiting the alluring and magnificent places of the city. So let us get started with the listing of the top places to visit in Viana Do Castelo.

  1. Capela de Nossa Senhora da Agonia: this chapel of Nossa Senhora da agonia was situated in the mid-1700s, and it is counted as one of the most beautiful religious buildings in the city of Portugal. The place has some of the influences that you can notice easily present in the Portuguese-baroque style. The tower dating back to 1868 it was separated from the caple.
  2. Navio hospital Gil eannes: you might have seen plenty of hospitals, but here is something different. The hospital ship Gil eannes was built in the 19th century that was supported by the Portuguese fishing fleet for more than decades. This hospital is close to the coast of Newfoundland and Greenland, surely. This one of the attractions of the city as one of a kind. Visiting this place with your kids, you can make them aware of the vast culture and architecture of Portugal.
  3. Se cathedral: when talking about the center attractions, one cannot omit this se cathedral, which is the main church of the Viana do Castelo. The church was built in the late 15th century, and tourists come from distant places to visit it for the spiritual beliefs. Another interesting thing to visit is the Jardim da marginal that is alluring to admire the statue estatua de Viana and the Eiffel bridge.
  4. Museu do traje: another fun place is Museu do traje that is located in the historical center, which is the old building of Banco de Portugal. It is the most welcoming place in the city that presents you with the warmth of the cultures and traditions followed in Portugal. Additionally, you can taste different 365 types of Portugal exotic food. Visiting this place can help you to get relishing experience surely, but the place is set at a distance from the hotels so you can consider getting car rental services for your convenience.

This is the listing of the must-visit places in Portugal city.

Top picks of car rental services in Viana Do Castelo

During your visit to Portugal, you can find several car hire options that would be ensuring you to provide convenient services. However, it is not a good option for you to go for the random option. We are here stating the top picks of car rental services in Portugal city.

  • Rentalcars
  • Kayak
  • Expedia
  • Europcar
  • Auto Europe

The above enlisted are my personalized top picks that are not only top rated but allows fine car services to the tourists. If possible, one can follow up for the rental cars as it is the most recommended as well as budget-friendly services providing company. Rest, its all your choice you can consider comparing it all and chose the one that seems a reliable option for you.

Driving and difficulty rules you need to consider

When thinking of visiting the city of Portugal, then you are required to keep a check on the basic driving rules that you must abide by. Below we are enlisting the primary rules of the Viana Do Castelo.

  • Follow up the necessary traffic signals on the road
  • You must carry the valid documentation of the car along with yourself
  • The rider should be completely concise and devoid from the addictive things while driving
  • Overspeeding should not be practiced and maintain the speed of 90kmp

Well, these are some of the easy to perceive listing of the Portugal that you are required to abide by. Hefty fines are imposed for not abiding them, and further complications might create. In addition, you should keep a check for the left steering driving in the right-side lane.

Bonus tip: if you struggle with the driving rules of the city, then you can take a complete guide from the car hire services that are you are considering. It would be best as they are known to the city and well and will guide you appropriately. In this way, you can eradicate future complications related to car riding.

The summary

The details as mentioned earlier clearly explain the beauty of the city of Portugal. It would be best if one considers visiting here for the day off and vacation with family. Additionally, we have taken a glance over several magnificent places other than cathedral churches and unspoiled beaches. The best choice for the newbie would be to rent a car in Viana Do Castelo for the exploration of the city better.

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