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We are an avid travelers who came up with an idea to run a site called Auto-Jardim that compares the most popular car rental companies and gives visitors the best deal in terms of price, car type, and pick-up/drop-off location.

We have decided to mostly focus on Portugal, because we gathered most of the information and also traveled there a lot.
We're Travelers
We care about the price, quality and convenience because I travel myself
We're Friendly
This is not a corporate company, it's just me my wife and my friends which means honest and opinion and friendly approach
We're Accurate
We update the content as often as possible
We're Trusted
Already lot's of people used Auto Jardim to find useful tips and rent a car using our links.
Auto-jardim owner

Best price

How can we compare the prices and always offer up-to-date deals?

We are affiliated with Discover Cars which is the leading company in car rental comparisons.

We have tried many car rental websites, but we came to a conclusion that it is simply the best one and that's why we decided to partner up and promote them.

Always up to date

We also always update our content to provide the best price and the most useful information such as driving age restrictions, minimum and maximum speed, other requirements, tolls, best parking locations, and even things you can do in each city of Portugal and some more places around the world!

We also share the best places you can stay in Portugal, the best things you can do and so much more, to make your trip unforgettable and legendary!

More about the owner

In love with traveling

My name is Aistis and I am from Lithuania. I started traveling 10 years ago when I took one of my first trips with Erasmus+ programs. My goal is to see the world and share the experience with my readers.
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49 countries, 300 flights+

Currently, I’ve been to 49 Countries and still counting. I hope you’ll enjoy reading my content and car rental tips as well as comparisons and who knows maybe we will meet somewhere in the near future.

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Got more questions or some business ideas? Need a guest post or banner? I am here to talk about everything!

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