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How to Rent a Car in Cascais - Make Your Trip Safe, Cheap, and Easy?

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Do you also have a strong desire for the wanderlust, and you want to explore the world? Then you can get started with the beaches of the Cascais, which is a  coastal town in Portugal in the west of Lisbon. It is a pretty place where you enjoy the experience of the beaches and have a calmed and relaxed vacation for sure. In addition, it is known to be the royal place due to the old town medieval Nossa Senhora da Luz Fort and the Citadel Palace.

So if you are willing to make your wanderlust desire true, then you can surely consider visiting this place. The city offers various center attraction where one can know the royal heritage of the Portuguese rulers. However, you have decided to visit the place, and then you are required to keep on check multiple things; one of them is a car rental service. Hiring one can help you to cherish the beauty of the city by exploring all the places in the city.

Attraction of Cascais

As we have already discussed the necessary details about the Cascais and its rich heritage. Here we are mentioning top places in the city which are a must to see when thinking of visiting the town of Cascais. For knowing the listing of attractive centers of the city continues reading this article.

  • Praia da Rainha

When you are a beach person, then it is not easy to control your passion for the beaches in addition when you are visiting a place like Cascais then it becomes even more difficult to understand one of the top-rated and most beautiful view providing near the coastal line. You are looking for as it has crystalline and sandy ideal beaches than it is ideal for you. Well, it is quite far from several hotels then you rent a car for yourself which can assist you in transport to beaches to hotels.

  • Boca do Inferno

Where you can find many open beaches in the city, there is one Boca do inferno, which is a public face and yet rocky sea. The place is pictorial, and you can get some relishing memories to cherish for a lifetime. However, it is the farthest from the town, so you would need a car hire service to visit the place. Unlike other beaches which are heavily crowded and you cannot even enjoy the time.

  • Parque Marechal Carmona

When you feel bored with beaches, then you will be fascinated with the massive parks of the city. This is a particular place you can enjoy multiple architectural art forms. The place you present you with the nobility of the Parque Marechal Carmona and Gandarinha. If you are traveling with your family, then your kids will surely cherish the place. They can even spot turtles in the water, also peacocks, roosters, and ducks. To have better fun of these parks, you can consider taking a ride in the city. For this, you can hire car rental services for yourself.

Well, these are some of the top places of the city Cascais; the listing is prolonged, which also includes Old Centre of Cascais, Museu Condes de Castro Guimarães, Praia do Guincho, Praia do Tamariz, Casa das Histórias Paula Rego and many more. So if you are eager to visit all of these places, then hiring a car service for yourself is a convenient and optimal option for you as all of these places are distant from each other in such condition car can come in handy.

Popular Car Rental Options in Cascais

When pondering to get a reliable service for yourself, then multiple options can be seen but choose the one which is optimal for you. Below we are presenting you some top car rental services providing companies list which are entirely based on our personalized experience.

  • Rentalcars
  • Transrent - Rent a Car and Moto
  • Guerin
  • Europcar Cascais - Aluguer de Carros

You can find the optimal one by merely comparing the price of all these. Well, Rentalcars is a suitable one as it provides quality services at affordable prices.

Driving and Difficulty Rules in Cascais

If you are well-known of the left side steering driving of the car, then you can surely ride the car comfortably on the roads of Cascais. In summers, tourist places are quite crowded so that you might admit some traffic.

The traffic rules are also pretty much simple as in other countries. Following we are enlisting some of them-

  • Valid documents must be present
  • Overspeeding shouldn’t be practiced
  • No drink drive

The bottom line

In this article, we have gone through multiple must-see places of Cascais. Also, as all these places are far from each other so it would be optimal for you to hire optimal car services, which can provide you convenience during your visit.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I rent a car in any city?
Absolutely! Even more, you can rent in one city and bring it back to another, so you don't have to do a circle. How convenient is that?
Is my reservation instant?
Totally! Just make a reservation and be sure that you'll get the car you wanted.
What cars can I choose from?
There are a high variety of cars and types. Sedans, Vans, Estate, Manual and Automatic transmission. And ofcourse plenty of brands to choose from.
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