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Best destination

If you are planning for a holiday in Europe and have a low budget then the best place to visit is Portugal as it is one of the cheapest countries of Europe for accommodation and food. Furthermore, an icing to the cake would be to rent a car during your trip as that would be very cheap in comparison to other modes of transport. Don’t believe me? Well, then you should read this article till the end!

Budget friendly

We offer innumerable car rental options so you can choose one as per your preferences and budget. You can make the most of your road trip itinerary by visiting those places where public transportation like buses and trains are not available. Some of these places are the Serra da Estrela mountain range and several hidden beaches in Algarve.


To discover some of the most attractive places of Portugal, you will need at least two weeks travel time. The best way to explore this mesmerizing South European country is by using Auto Jardim car rental Portugal as it is the most convenient and comfortable option. Portugal is inexpensive in comparison to the rest of Europe, so finding a cheap car hire in Portugal will not be difficult. Moreover, Auto Jardim will always be available for your help on your smartphones.

Many choices

Using Auto Jardim, you can choose a minivan, compact car, SUV, luxury car, passenger vans, etc. depending on your requirements and budget. Ensure that you collect the “blue zone” parking disc for free of charge from the local motor club offices so that you can park your car rental in Portugal without any worries. If you book your car in advance then you will be able to acquire cheap car hire portugal deals too. Start making wonderful memories throughout your drive!

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Things to know before getting started

Once you select and book a car using our search or button, you will receive a conformation mail instantly to the email address that has been provided. In case, the car hire company is not confirming the availability of the requested car then you will receive an email regarding this and temporarily block the money on your payment card. Once the car has been confirmed, payment will be accepted and email will be sent with all details. Until the car is confirmed and booked, you can cancel booking at any time.
As soon as the car is booked, you need to deposit certain amount to cover liability charges, fuel, etc. For making the deposit, you should present a valid credit card with available funds, which is in your name. When you return the car, the deposit will be refunded to the same credit card in accordance with the fuel and renting policy.
Some car hire companies do not offer 24-hours rental services. So, if you are booking a pick-up car service from Portugal airport during the non-working hours, then you will receive an email at the time of booking. Mostly, car hire companies provide such services for an additional fee. Also, if your flight has been delayed due to some reasons, you might be charged extra for it.
Every country that you travel, you need to check the minimum age requirement for driving. For renting a car and driving in Portugal, you should be 18 years and above. Some basic driving etiquettes that you should follow is to wear seatbelts, use only hand-free mobile phones, do not drive under the influence of alcohol and do not use headphones.
At the time of booking for car rental Portugal, you will be charged for a 24-hour period. In case, you wish to extend the time after picking up the car, then you will have to pay additional fees to the car hiring company. Late drop-offs will also be charged extra. So, it is advisable to always stick to the pick-up and drop-off timings that are mentioned on your eVoucher. In case, you are dropping the car early or picking it up late then you will not receive any refund for the same.
Extra items like child seats, roof racks, etc. can be easily selected. However, please note that such items will be charged additionally depending on the car hire company’s policies. Also, the counter staff may refuse to hand over the car to you if you do not arrive on time, do not provide valid documents, are not eligible to rent the car, and do not provide credit card details.

A few things you should know

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