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Madeira, known for its rugged beauty, attracts adventure seekers and nature lovers. Renting a car is popular for freedom. Hertz in Funchal stands out, with mostly positive reviews.

Hertz Car Hire in Funchal
Hertz Car Hire in Funchal – Source – Google Maps – by – Patrícia Almeida

Location and Accessibility

Hertz in Funchal is convenient for island tourists. Its central location is perfect for accessing offices in the city or at the airport. This makes it ideal for exploring the city or the mountains.

Service Quality and Vehicle Options

Feedback about Hertz in Funchal is mixed. Many praise the friendly staff and the range of sturdy vehicles. These vehicles are well-suited for Madeira’s tough roads. Some enjoy special options, like cars with rooftop tents, which are great for camping.

Pricing and Value

Hertz's prices are competitive. Many get free upgrades, increasing the value. But, early returns can disrupt plans.

Common Issues

Some customers mention issues to watch:

  • Extra Charges and Transparency: Hidden fees are a concern. Understanding terms, especially about insurance and fuel, is crucial.
  • Customer Service: A few mention slow service and upselling.
  • Fuel Policy and Returns: Confusion over fuel charges is common. Knowing the fuel policy is key.


Hertz in Madeira offers a variety of vehicles and good service, perfect for exploring. However, it's essential to understand the agreement to avoid surprises.

For a smooth experience:

  • Get all charges and policies upfront, especially about fuel and insurance.
  • Check the vehicle for damage on pickup.
  • Know about early returns.

Following these tips ensures a stress-free experience, making the most of your time in Madeira.

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