Lisbon car hire pickup locations

Best Car Pickup Spots Across Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal's vibrant capital, promises a captivating blend of history, culture, and scenic beauty. To truly immerse yourself in what Lisbon has to offer, having the right car for your adventures is essential. Dive into our guide, focusing on “Lisbon car hire pickup locations,” ensuring you kickstart your journey in the most convenient way possible.

Lisbon car hire pickup locations 2
Lisbon car hire pickup locations

Why Opt for Prime Pickup Locations in Lisbon

Utmost Convenience

Begin your Lisbon adventure from a strategic location, ensuring you waste no time getting on the road.


By choosing a pickup point that's close to your arrival spot or accommodation, you can save significantly on initial transport costs.


Centrally-located pickup points mean you're at the heart of the action from the get-go, granting you the freedom to drive wherever your heart desires.

Top Lisbon Car Hire Pickup Locations

Europcar’s Spot

Known for their reliability, Europcar in Lisbon ensures you get started with your journey in a car that matches your preferences.

Keddy’s Location

For those seeking stylish yet affordable car options, the Keddy's pickup point in Lisbon is an excellent choice.

Sixt’s Hub

Sixt offers an extensive range of vehicles suitable for every type of traveler. To see their offerings in Lisbon, consider visiting the Sixt pickup location.

Before You Book: Things to Consider

Review Your Options

Before settling on a car hire service, it's a good practice to read through some car hire Lisbon reviews to set your expectations right.

Understand the Pricing

Being informed about the Lisbon car hire prices ensures you’re getting a deal that matches your budget.

Planning Your Routes

With your car ready, consider charting out your journey. For inspiration, here are some scenic drives from Lisbon you might want to consider.

Lisbon 6

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is choosing the right "Lisbon car hire pickup location" crucial?

Picking the right location ensures utmost convenience, helps in cost-saving, and provides the flexibility to explore Lisbon from the heart of the action.

Are there benefits to selecting a centrally-located pickup point in Lisbon?

Yes, centrally-located pickup points mean you're closer to major attractions and activities, granting you the freedom to drive and explore without any constraints.

How can I ensure I'm getting the best deal for car hire in Lisbon?

It's recommended to review various car hire Lisbon reviews and be informed about the Lisbon car hire prices before finalizing your choice.

Can I get suggestions on routes or scenic drives once I have my hired car?

Absolutely! There are various scenic drives from Lisbon that you can consider for a memorable journey.

What are some top car hire companies with pickup locations in Lisbon?

Some top companies include Europcar, Keddy, and Sixt. It's always a good idea to compare options and choose one that fits your travel needs best.


Navigating through the winding roads and picturesque neighborhoods of Lisbon becomes a breeze with the right car. By choosing the best “Lisbon car hire pickup locations”, your trip becomes not just about the destination but also about the delightful journey. Enjoy your ride and the wonders Lisbon has in store! Safe travels!

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