Coimbra car hire discounts

Grab Exciting Discounts on Coimbra Car Hires

When it comes to discovering the beauty and rich history of Coimbra, there's no better way than hiring a car and traveling at your own pace. But what if you could combine the convenience of having your own vehicle with incredible discounts? That's right! Read on to find out how you can benefit from Coimbra car hire discounts and make the most of your trip without burning a hole in your pocket.

Coimbra car hire discounts 2
Coimbra car hire discounts

Best Time to Secure Discounts

Early Bird Specials

Booking your car hire in advance is often the best way to secure discounts. Many car rental companies offer early bird specials, which can save you a significant amount. So, before you finalize your Coimbra trip itinerary, make sure to explore car rental options and grab those deals.

Off-Peak Season

Another great time to get discounted rates is during the off-peak season. Not only do you get to enjoy fewer crowds in Coimbra's must-see places, but you can also save a chunk of your budget for other fun activities or perhaps an upscale stay in one of the boutique hotels in Coimbra.

Key Players Offering Discounts

While there are several car rental companies in Coimbra, a few names stand out when it comes to regular discounts and promotions. Companies like Europcar and Thrifty frequently have promotions, especially for online bookings. Keep an eye on their websites or sign up for newsletters to stay updated on their latest offers.

Package Deals

Some car rental agencies collaborate with hotels or travel agencies to offer package deals. These might include accommodations, car hires, and even tours. If you're planning an extended stay, consider opting for weekly car rentals that often come with substantial savings. If luxury is your style, you can even find discounts on luxury car hires, ensuring a lavish experience without the hefty price tag.

Tips to Remember

  • Always read the terms and conditions of any discount offer to ensure there are no hidden costs.
  • Compare rates from different companies to ensure you're getting the best deal.
  • Consider the overall value, not just the price. Sometimes, paying a little extra for added services or a better car can be worth it.

Explore More than Just Coimbra

Hiring a car gives you the freedom to explore beyond the city. Drive along the picturesque Mondego River or dive deep into the history of Coimbra's University. With exciting discounts on offer, you have all the more reason to expand your horizons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best way to secure discounts on car hires in Coimbra?

Booking in advance and traveling during the off-peak season can often fetch you the best discounts on car rentals in Coimbra.

Are there specific car rental companies known for offering regular promotions in Coimbra?

Yes, companies like Europcar and Thrifty frequently have promotions, especially for online bookings. It's advisable to check their websites or subscribe to their newsletters for the latest offers.

Can I get discounts on luxury car hires in Coimbra?

Absolutely! Many companies offer promotions on luxury car hires, ensuring travelers can enjoy a lavish experience without a high price tag. Make sure to check online listings and promotional offers.

Do car rental agencies in Coimbra offer package deals with hotels?

Some car rental agencies collaborate with hotels or travel agencies to provide package deals that can include accommodations, car hires, and sometimes tours.

Is it economical to opt for weekly car rentals in Coimbra?

Yes, if you're planning an extended stay in Coimbra, weekly car rentals can often come with substantial savings compared to daily rates.


Car hires in Coimbra don't have to be an expensive affair. With a little research and planning, you can find fantastic discounts that will make your journey all the more enjoyable and economical.

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