Coimbra Must-See Places

Coimbra’s Hidden Treasures: Essential Spots to Visit

Renowned for its rich cultural heritage and scholarly atmosphere, Coimbra offers visitors a myriad of experiences. Dive deep into the heart of this ancient city and unearth its most precious gems. If “Coimbra Must-See Places” is what you're after, here's an insightful guide for you.

Coimbra Must-See Places
Coimbra Must-See Places

University of Coimbra: The Oldest Academic Institution

One cannot start a Coimbra journey without a visit to its prestigious University. With its foundation dating back to the 13th century, it stands as an emblem of knowledge and is an essential pit-stop for history and architecture enthusiasts.

The Royal Palace of Alcáçova

Adjacent to the University, this palace houses the city's notable museums, with age-old artifacts offering a sneak peek into Coimbra's illustrious past.

Joanina Library: A Bibliophile’s Paradise

Located within the University complex, the Joanina Library is an artistic masterpiece. Its Baroque architecture and rare manuscripts make it an unmissable attraction.

The Serene Gardens of Quinta das Lágrimas

These gardens have witnessed many a tale, including the tragic love story of Prince Pedro and Inês. The serene ambiance and the historic backdrop make it a perfect place for a contemplative stroll.

Santa Cruz Monastery: A Testament to Gothic Elegance

The Santa Cruz Monastery is another must-see spot, particularly for those keen on exploring Gothic architectural wonders.

Getting Around Coimbra

While Coimbra is a delight to explore on foot, considering its hilly terrain, hiring a car can make your journey more convenient. Exploring at your own pace, you can delve into hidden corners of the city. And for those on a budget, looking for cheap car rentals can make this a cost-effective choice.

Explore the Outskirts: Conímbriga Roman Ruins

Just a short drive away, the Conímbriga Roman Ruins offer a fantastic excursion. These well-preserved ruins paint a vivid picture of Roman civilization.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to visit Coimbra?

While Coimbra is beautiful year-round, spring and early autumn are particularly pleasant for exploring its historic sites and gardens.

Is it recommended to rent a car for exploring Coimbra?

While the city itself is walkable, if you wish to explore the outskirts and enjoy places like Conímbriga Roman Ruins, a car rental might be a convenient option. There are several affordable car rental options available.

How much time should I allocate for the University of Coimbra?

Given its historical significance and the numerous sites within, it's advisable to spend at least half a day to fully appreciate the University and its surroundings.

Are the Quinta das Lágrimas gardens accessible throughout the year?

Yes, the gardens are open year-round, but it's always good to check their official website for any special events or maintenance days.

Is there an entry fee for the Santa Cruz Monastery?

There's usually an entrance fee for the church and the cloisters. It's recommended to check current prices and any potential discounts (e.g., for students or seniors) before visiting.


Coimbra, with its blend of history, culture, and natural beauty, promises an enriching experience. By including these must-see places in your itinerary, you're assured of a trip that will stay etched in memory for years to come.

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