Scenic routes from Figueira Da Foz

Mesmerizing Drives Starting from Figueira Da Foz

Figueira Da Foz, a captivating coastal town in Portugal, is not just a destination but also a starting point for some of the most scenic routes in Europe. These drives embody the soul of Portugal, presenting travelers with a mix of landscapes from rugged coastlines to lush forests. And while the town itself offers plenty of allure, the scenic routes from Figueira Da Foz are a car enthusiast’s dream.

Scenic routes from Figueira Da Foz 2
Scenic routes from Figueira Da Foz

Why Take a Drive from Figueira Da Foz?

  • Diverse Landscapes: Portugal offers a tapestry of landscapes, and starting your journey from Figueira Da Foz lets you witness this in its full glory.
  • Flexibility: With a car rental in Figueira Da Foz, you can travel at your own pace, making spontaneous stops and detours.
  • Cost-Effective: When weighed against other modes of transportation, especially for groups, car hire can often be the more economical choice. Researching Figueira Da Foz car hire prices can help ensure you get the best deal.

Top Scenic Routes from Figueira Da Foz

  1. Figueira Da Foz to Coimbra: A drive to the ancient university city of Coimbra promises glimpses of undulating landscapes and historical landmarks. The journey can be a quick one, but the route is studded with spots worthy of a photo op.
  2. The Atlantic Road: Heading north from Figueira Da Foz along the coastline, this route offers unparalleled views of the Atlantic Ocean. Breathe in the fresh oceanic air and make pit stops at quaint coastal villages.
  3. Towards the Mountains of Serra da Estrela: For those craving an elevation, a drive towards Portugal's highest mountain range can be thrilling. Winding roads coupled with panoramic vistas make this a memorable route.

Car Hire Tips in Figueira Da Foz

  • Choose Wisely: Whether you’re looking at Europcar, Hertz, or Keddy, ensure you pick a vehicle suited for your journey, especially if you're headed to the mountains.
  • Insurance: While it might be an added expense, opting for comprehensive car hire insurance ensures peace of mind during your road trips.
  • Local Norms: Familiarize yourself with the local driving rules and regulations. It not only ensures safety but can also save you from potential fines.
Figueira Da Foz 1
Figueira Da Foz

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Figueira Da Foz considered a great starting point for scenic drives?

Figueira Da Foz is strategically located to offer travelers a mix of landscapes, from rugged coastlines to lush forests. Its proximity to other notable locations and diverse landscapes make it an ideal starting point for multiple scenic routes.

Is it more cost-effective to rent a car in Figueira Da Foz than to use other transportation modes?

For groups or those planning multiple detours, car rentals can often be more economical. It offers flexibility, and by researching Figueira Da Foz car hire prices, travelers can ensure they get the best deals.

Which scenic route offers a blend of historical landmarks and natural beauty?

The drive from Figueira Da Foz to Coimbra promises both undulating landscapes and historical landmarks. The ancient university city of Coimbra has many attractions that history enthusiasts will appreciate.

I'm interested in mountain views. Which route should I consider?

If you're looking to experience mountainous terrains, the drive towards the Mountains of Serra da Estrela is recommended. This route takes you to Portugal's highest mountain range, offering winding roads and breathtaking panoramas.

Are there specific local driving norms in Figueira Da Foz?

While Figueira Da Foz adheres to general Portuguese driving regulations, it's always advisable for travelers to familiarize themselves with local rules to ensure safety and avoid fines. Consider researching or asking local agencies for any specific norms.


In conclusion, the scenic routes from Figueira Da Foz beckon travelers with the promise of unparalleled beauty and exploration. So, gear up, rent that dream vehicle, and let the road guide your adventures. Safe travels!

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