Sagres Surfing Spots

Riding the Atlantic: Surfing in Sagres

From the gentle curl of the wave to the thunderous break on the shore, the Atlantic Ocean offers an unmatched surfing experience. Sagres, with its picturesque coastlines and pristine beaches, serves as a magnet for surfers from around the world. Delve into the world of Sagres Surfing Spots and discover the thrill that awaits.

Best Surfing Spots in Sagres

  • Beliche Beach: Known for its consistent waves and crystal-clear water, this spot caters to both beginners and professional surfers alike.
  • Tonel Beach: Facing the North-West, this beach offers larger waves, making it ideal for experienced surfers looking for a challenge.
  • Mareta Beach: With its golden sands and calm waves, it's perfect for families and those learning to surf.

When to Surf

The best months to catch the waves in Sagres are from September to April. During these months, the North Atlantic swell kicks in, providing consistent waves for surfers.

Sagres Surfing Schools and Camps

For those new to the sport, Sagres offers a variety of surfing schools. Not only do they provide equipment rental but also professional instructors to ensure you're riding the waves in no time.

Sagres Surfing Spots 2
Sagres Surfing Spots

Beyond Surfing

Sagres isn't just about surfing. While the waves might draw you in, there's plenty more to experience:

Stay and Comfort

After a long day riding the waves, it's essential to find a cozy place to rest. Sagres Coastal Resorts provide a luxurious retreat with stunning ocean views.

Travel with Ease

While the ocean waves are the main attraction, exploring Sagres requires moving around comfortably. Opting for car hire can make your travel hassle-free, allowing you to visit various spots at your own pace. Always choose a reliable car rental service to ensure a smooth journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top three surfing spots in Sagres?

The top three surfing spots in Sagres are Beliche Beach, Tonel Beach, and Mareta Beach, each catering to different levels of surfers.

When is the best time to surf in Sagres?

The ideal months for surfing in Sagres are between September and April when the North Atlantic swell provides consistent waves.

Are there surfing schools available for beginners in Sagres?

Yes, Sagres offers a variety of surfing schools equipped with professional instructors and rental equipment to help beginners get started.

Apart from surfing, what other activities can tourists indulge in while in Sagres?

Beyond surfing, visitors can explore the Sagres Fortress history, take in stunning views from various vantage points, and participate in local cultural festivals.

Is it advisable to hire a car for easier movement around Sagres?

Absolutely! Hiring a car can make traveling around Sagres more convenient, allowing visitors to explore multiple spots at their own pace. Always opt for a reliable car rental service for a smooth experience.


Surfing in Sagres offers an experience unlike any other. With its majestic waves, golden sands, and rich culture, it promises an unforgettable adventure. Whether you're a seasoned surfer or someone just starting out, Sagres is a destination that should top your list.

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