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How Can The Fuel Filter Ruin Your Road Trip

Planning to go for a road trip and your car engine is not starting? Well, it could be due to many reasons, but one of the most common factors is that the fuel filter is totally blocked. A fuel filter is a critical component of the vehicle as it ensures that clean fuel reaches the engine of your car. Although it is easy and inexpensive to change the fuel filter of the vehicle; it is often ignored! Once neglected, you may regret it as your travel plans might get ruined at the last minute.

A totally blocked fuel filter will not let the engine start whereas a dirty filter will cause cranking or make the engine stall while driving. In all cases, your travel plan will get affected. When the fuel filter gets clogged or damaged, the engine will not receive the right amount of fuel that it requires, and you may face several difficulties in running the vehicle. According to specialists, “if the fuel filter is clogged then the engine will take longer to start or will not start at all. Irregular noises from the engine, stalling, difficulty to speed up and smoke from the tailpipe are some more complications that you could face due to a clogged fuel filter”.

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Hence, replacing the fuel filter on a regular basis is vital for maintaining the health of your car’s engine and protecting it from foreign particles that could damage it entirely. Most of the car servicing garages provides fuel filter replacement as a part of their annual services. However, if you have not booked for an annual service then don’t worry; as getting the fuel filter replaced is a quick job that can be completed by a mechanic within an hour. You may even order for a fuel filter online by checking your car’s manual and replace it by yourself. It is a simple process that does not require special equipments or technical expertise.

Earlier, vehicle manufacturers used to recommend changing the fuel filter as soon as the car has run for about 30,000 miles. However, with the changing times, the best way to determine when to replace it is through a fuel pressure test. If the fuel pressure test reads less than 30 then it is time to get it replaced. To conclude, you should keep a check on the fuel filter of your vehicle so that you are well-prepared for a road trip with your loved ones.

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