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If you are planning a trip to Gran Canaria, Spain then you should begin by searching for car rental in Gran Canaria. By hiring a car for your holiday, you will be able to explore the beauty of Canary Islands to the fullest.

Gran Canaria is famous for its amazing beaches like Maspalomas, Las Caneras, and San Agustin. Some travelers enjoy spending their holiday sun-bathing and swimming at the beaches while few get pleasure from the sea by participating in activities like windsurfing, kite surfing, and scuba diving.

Fishing is another interesting sport that attracts travelers from across the globe. Since the climate is perfect for fishing throughout the year, the harbor offers innumerable boats and professional crews that would let you fish all day! In short, there is lot to do in Gran Canaria, and the most convenient way to explore this beautiful island is by renting a car. 

Tips to hire a car at Gran Canaria

Hiring a car at the Gran Canaria airport would be the best choice as all major car hire companies operate there. Additionally, it will save you from frustrating public transportation as well as expensive taxi trips. Picking your rented car as soon as you land at the airport is convenient and saves time.

car rental in Gran Canaria
car rental in Gran Canaria

Moreover, keep in mind that pre-booking a car through websites such as Autojardim would save a lot of money as you can avail their early bird discounts. Car hire prices can differ depending on the type of car, their fuel policy, and the traveling season. Additional facilities like drivers, child seats, GPS, and WiFi would cost extra.

You should calculate the pickup and drop off time carefully and return the car at least one hour early so that you do not have to pay rent for another day. If you are going to reach by a late night flight then be ready to pay extra as the car hire costs would increase slightly.

Always inspect the car before you depart from the Gran Canaria Airport so that you can make a note of prior damages. Read the contract carefully and thoroughly before signing. Check for hidden charges that will be levied at the time of dropping the car. Don’t buy extra facilities if not required as it will increase the daily costs considerably.

Famous car rental companies in Gran Canaria

  • Cicar
  • Inauto
  • Avis
  • Sixt

Why should you car hire in Gran Canaria?

The public transport of the island will not help in reaching untouched and isolated areas like a secluded beach or an infamous archeological site. Driving to the area by car is the only way to reach quickly and comfortably. If you depend completely on public transportation like buses then you would end up spending more time waiting and traveling in a bus rather than the destination.

There are no trains in Gran Canaria and locals usually use bicycles, scooters, buses, and electric vehicles for conveyance. In addition, their connection within the island is not very good. So, the most feasible way to travel is by renting a car.

Moreover, in your rented car, you can plan for a long drive to explore the nearby beautiful areas like Telde, which is famous for its innumerable archaeological sites or visit Arucas to sip on honey rum. A car hire in Gran Canaria will let you move freely and discover the entire island at your convenience.

Rules to follow for driving in Gran Canaria

Driving around Gran Canaria is easy because the roads are good with several sign boards. However, you should follow basic driving rules so that you do not fall into trouble. You should be above 21 years old to drive a car. Also, senior citizen drivers as well as those below the age of 25 will be charged extra. These charges differ for rental companies, so check them out before hiring a car. Do not forget to wear seatbelts, irrespective of whether you are sitting in front or rear seats.  

You should not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, as there are random breathe analyzer tests done by traffic police. Always carry a valid driving license from your home country and follow the speed limits depending on the roads that you travel. A credit card and international permit card will also be required. You have to drive on the right side of the road in Gran Canaria and their local emergency number is 112.

Popular Places To Visit In Gran Canaria And The Best Time To Do It

The weather in Gran Canaria is constantly good all through the year, so you can plan your holiday as per your convenience. Depending on what you are looking from your holiday, you should plan your itinerary.

For instance, if you want to spend your time relaxing in the comfort of a luxurious resort then you should stay in the south of the island. On the other hand, if you want to go hiking and trekking then you book your stay in the north and center of the island.

For those who are traveling on a budget, search for an apartment as they are low priced in comparison to an all-inclusive hotel. In the apartment, you will get the facility of a full kitchen, so cooking few quick meals will surely save a lot of money.

Some popular places that you should not miss visiting are Cathedral de Santa Ana, which is a twin-towered Cathedral famous for its beautiful architecture. To view the largest collection of parrots in the world, visit the Loro Parque Park, which is located on the outskirts of Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife. Since you are already traveling to Tenerife, check out the San Cristobal de la Laguna, which is a famous UNESCO World Heritage Site.

How to choose a car hire in Gran Canaria from the comfort of your home?

To find the perfect car rental in Gran Canaria, you can check Discover Cars which provides a detailed comparison of various car rental deals. All you need to do is enter your arrival date and time to check innumerable options of vehicles. On a single webpage, they offer the widest range of cars with numerous perks. In short, it will definitely help in making your trip comfortable, convenient, and affordable.

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