How To Choose The Finest Moving Company In NYC?

Planning to move to a new house in NYC? One of the most tedious tasks of moving from one location to another is to find a good moving company. With the vast amount of moving companies available in NYC, finding one that suits your preferences will be daunting. There are many factors to consider before selecting a moving company for relocating your goods. To make things easier for you, here are some tips that will help you in choosing the finest moving company NYC.

Most important factors when choosing a moving company in NYC

  • Comparing Their Rates – Begin by making a list of innumerable moving companies in NYC that are listed in Yellow Pages and the Internet. Contact them through phone or online chat facility to get their quotation. Compare their rates, ask about hidden charges, and then select the ones that suit your budget.
  • Call For On-Site Estimate – Once you have selected a few moving companies, ask them to send their representatives on-site to inspect the goods and provide the exact pricing. Most of the companies quote rates depending on the weight of the items as well as the distance to be traveled. After receiving their quotation, you can certainly try bargaining for a few bucks.
  • Check For Extra Costs – There are several reasons for movers to charge a little extra for transferring your goods. Some of these are climbing stairs, availability of parking, moving perishable goods, traveling to a new city, accessibility to your home, limitations by your building, and more. Some movers even charge for supplying packing materials like tapes, boxes, labels, etc.
  • Verify Their Licenses – Before you select any one of the moving companies in NYC for relocating your items, it is vital to check their licenses. The mover should have licenses from NYSDOT (New York State Department of Transportation), DCA (Department of Consumer Affairs of NYC), and Federal Highway Administration.
  • Check The Insurance Coverage – Ask your mover to provide a complete inventory of goods that need to be relocated and ensure that you check the list carefully. You should be convinced that the insurance coverage is effective from the time packing starts until the goods reach the destination and are unpacked.
  • In-House Carpentry – If you want to move valuable and fragile items like antiques, chandeliers, paintings, fine art, etc. you will require the moving company to build customized wooden craters for protecting them. So, ensure that your moving company offers in-house carpentry services.
  • Get Reviews – You will be giving all your important belongings to the mover company to relocate. So, to build your confidence towards them, it is necessary to acquire reviews from their previous clients. Ask for contact numbers and home addresses of a few clients so that you can check personally whether they provide timely deliveries and the belongings reach safely.


By following the aforesaid tips, you will be able to select a professional moving service for relocating your belongings easily and safely to your destination. In case there is a loss or damage to goods, you can register a complaint with the moving company or you may even contact the NYSDOT. However, if you choose an expert packing service provider from Expo Movers, you will not face any difficulties and your items will be moved carefully to your destination.

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